Contact S4C on a new telephone number - 0370 600 4141

30 June 2015

Questions. Ideas. Comments. S4C's Viewers' Hotline is open every day to answer your calls.

From 30 June 2015, the service will have a new telephone number. To speak with a member of the helpline team, you will now need to dial: 0370 600 4141 (Calls won't cost more than standard national rate calls to 01 or 02 numbers).

In addition to picking up the phone, you can also contact S4C by email gwifren@s4c.cymru, Twitter, Facebook, and on our website s4c.cymru/contact. The S4C Viewers' Hotline is open every day of the year from 9.00am to 10.00pm, and is operated from the channel's Caernarfon office.

The telephone number change from ‘0870' to ‘0370' comes following an Ofcom report which had researched extensively into the use of phone numbers. According to Ofcom's findings, the general feeling amongst users is that it is expensive to call numbers starting with ‘08', as they are often used for competitions or for telephone voting.

As a consequence, Ofcom has introduced a new number beginning with ‘03' which allows organisations to provide customer services for the same cost as a standard rate call to a national number.

Calls to the S4C Viewers' Hotline cost no more than a standard national telephone call, but S4C is concerned that using an ‘08' number gave the misleading impression that it's expensive to get in touch with the channel.

Steve Thomas, Director of Communications and Information at S4C said; “The Viewers' Hotline is a valuable part of the channel's service. This is the viewers' main point of contact, which welcomes everyone to share their comments and ask questions, and is also a way for us to share information about our services directly with the viewers.

"We hope that through changing the number to 0370 600 4141 viewers will be encouraged to use the service even more, safe in the knowledge that the call will not cost more than a standard phone call to '01' or ‘02' numbers."

In addition to being open to comments and ideas for the channel's content, the S4C Viewers' Hotline is available to help with problems. Are you having issues with the sound or the picture on your television set? Do you need help using the subtitling service? Do you want to know programme broadcasting times? The Viewers' Hotline team is here to help.


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