Competition winner receives dream prize

4 December 2020

An avid fan of the drama series Un Bore Mercher / Keeping Faith, Ella Rabaiotti from Swansea has won a worthwhile prize - a huge portrait of her heroine, Faith Howells.

Ella said, "The competition caught my eye because of the way Faith's iconic yellow coat was used to create her, it's so cleverly done. When I have the time, I like sewing so I loved the fact it's made out of fabric.

"The phone call telling me I had won was a real shock - when you enter these competitions, it doesn't cross your mind you may actually win, so I was over the moon! I can't wait to put it on my wall."

S4C commissioned Cardiff based artist, Nathan Wyburn to create the piece to give one lucky winner a lasting memory of popular drama series, Un Bore Mercher, currently in it's third and final season.

Nathan is well known for a variety of techniques to make art. He first came to prominence on Britan's Got Talent in 2011 when he created a picture of judge, Michael Mcintyre, out of Marmite on toast.

More recently, he paid tribute to the NHS by using hundreds of tiny images of health workers to create a striking image of a nurse wearing a protective mask along with the words 'thank you'.

Ella said "Nathan's work is so high profile. What I've seen on his Instagram is quite thought provoking, especially the ones of political figures. It's quite fitting for Faith as she is such a strong character who likes to make a statement!"

"I work as a manager for the charity Crimestoppers so I'm always interested in how the crime world is portrayed on telly. Seeing Swansea CID in this current series of Un Bore Mercher is especially interesting as I know the place well."

Ella has also been using the series to practise her Welsh language skills.

"I've watched it from the start of the first series in both languages to help me with learning Welsh. When the third series came, I was really excited to watch, with subtitles, to help me find out what's happening.

"Now it's getting to the very end it seems to have turned a corner. Watching Steve driving off having stayed over and Faith's Mum coming into the picture. It's all getting very exciting I must say."

To find out how it all ends for Faith, watch the very last episode of Un Bore Mercher on S4C this Sunday evening at 9.00.

Un Bore Mercher

Sunday 6 December, 9.00

English subtitles available

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