S4C launches survey to gather public opinion on the channel

14 December 2020

As part of S4C's new strategy to put viewers at the heart of their services, the channel has commissioned Strategic Research and Insight to gather the views of the public.

Cardiff-based research and analysis company Strategic Research and Insight will ask a range of S4C viewers, and non-viewers, their views on the channel: What do they like, what don't they like? What else should S4C be doing, what shouldn't the channel be doing?

Discussions will be held virtually on Zoom, so views can be voiced without leaving the house.

S4C will use the information to submit evidence to the UK Government's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Department as part of a debate over S4C's financial settlement from April 2022 onwards. In addition, the channel will use the information to develop S4C's services and commissions over the next 5 years.

Owen Evans, S4C's Chief Executive, said:

"In order to get to know our audience and better understand their viewing patterns, we have to ensure that talking to our viewers and listening to their views is one of our top priorities. I'm really interested in understanding why someone wouldn't want to watch S4C and what kind of content we need to create in order to attract new audiences. This important work will inform our future strategy and inspire us to design our programmes to target and attract new viewers."

In addition to the discussion groups, S4C will prepare a questionnaire to obtain the views of a wider group of viewers. If you would like to contribute, please contact gwifren@s4c.cymru .


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