​S4C launch new slate of documentaries

29 January 2021

Welsh public broadcaster S4C have today announced a new slate of captivating documentaries called DRYCH (Mirror) with the aim of reflecting life in Wales today.

The series kicks off on Sunday 7th of February with Head of BBC Radio 1, Aled Haydn Jones' personal story of surrogacy.

Originally from Aberystwyth, Aled now heads one of the world's largest Radio stations, BBC Radio 1 and lives in London with his partner, Emile.

Despite their success and prosperous career, there is a big gap in their lives - they aspire to be parents.

The documentary will follow their quest to fulfil their dreams with the help of the agency Surrogacy UK.

They are paired with Dawn, who is delighted to be a surrogate to the couple, and all three take us through an emotional and harrowing journey of eggs, embryos and IVF.

The film is produced by Wildflame Productions.

Next, filmmaker Nia Dryhurst tells her personal story in DRYCH: Chwaer Fach, Chwaer Fawr.

After a completely different path in life, a huge gap in her relationship with her sister, Llinos, grew even further. Although both returned to their hometown, the distance continued.

A devastating accident forces the two to re-consider their relationship. Can the two sisters become two friends? This is an honest, raw and sometimes difficult to watch film full of tension and emotion.

Rhondda residents in South Wales feature in the third programme, DRYCH: Rhondda wedi'r Glaw, on Sunday evening 21st of February produced by Ronda Media.

In February 2020, in a 48-hour period, a month's worth of rain fell on the Rhondda Valley and its surrounding area. Overnight, several families lost everything to the devastating floods of Storm Dennis.

We hear from some of the residents as they try to rebuild their homes and lives under the Covid cloud and fear that the floods may return.

We see how the close community is coping with the trauma, through smiles and tears, as well as asking what caused the flood.

Finally, we head to the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales on 28 February, to immerse in the difficult and unique life of a group of anglers as they strive to keep their heads above water.

DRYCH: Y Pysgotwyr produced by Rondo Media reflects the romance and appeal of the ancient craft and highlights the unprecedented challenges that threaten the industry.

"DRYCH has been an established brand for S4C for quite a few years" says Llinos Wynne, S4C's Factual Commissioner.

"Our aim is to create captivating films that reflects the lives of the people of Wales.

"We want to portray some of Wales most interesting characters and fascinating stories and bring them to life with our gripping and high-quality factual series.

"We're always on the lookout for interesting stories and the DRYCH brand allows us to target different age groups with a variety of topics, and group them into timely and fitting docs."

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