Newyddion Ni to start on S4C with new face as presenter

30 August 2023

A new programme for children and young people will start on Monday 4 September - Newyddion Ni (Our News).

The programme replaces Ffeil and will bring news and sport stories to viewers in an accessible way for everyone.

It will be broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during school term time.

Among the topics that will be discussed are climate change, human rights, sport, celebrities, as well as longer items to explain more complex stories.

Some stories will include reports by children and young people – Fy Stori i (My Story). And another aspect of the programme on Mondays will be a slot covering lighter news, called Newyddion App-us.

A brand-new presenter for S4C will present the programme - Siôn Tomos Williams from Glais, Swansea. Siôn is 18 years old and has just finished his A Levels. During his time at school, he had a part-time job as a tree surgeon, but has always had his sights set on being a presenter:

"I've always known that I wanted to be a presenter - I enjoyed performing and competing in public speaking competitions at school, but I wasn't really sure how to break into the field" Siôn said.

"I also knew that I didn't want to go to University after finishing school, mainly because it was so expensive."

"Mum sent me the advert for this job; I thought why not - and went for it! I filmed a small video explaining who I was, had an interview and a screen test - and was so excited to get this amazing opportunity to be on a newly launched programme. I've had a lot of training, as there are a lot of new aspects to the job - like editing and filming.

"Children and young people are the future, and a news programme that provides reliable and accurate news in a simple but entertaining way is crucial - especially as there is so much fake news on social media. I can't wait to get started!"

Sharen Griffith, S4C's Content Commissioner for News and Current Affairs said:

"Children and young people are a priority for the channel, and they're interested in news. So it's important that we discuss the big news stories and offer a programme that presents the news in an entertaining way that gives an explanation behind some of those stories. And the inclusion of children and young people and their stories is also extremely important, and the intention with the item Fy Stori i is to give them a voice."

The 8-minute programme will be shown on S4C Clic after 11:00 (and available on S4C Clic for a period of 48 hours), then part of the Stwnsh slot at 17:50 (and available on BBC iPlayer after this).

Newyddion Ni

4 September, after 11.00 on S4C Clic, and at 17.50, S4C

On demand: S4C Clic, iPlayer and other platforms

English Subtitles available

A BBC Cymru production for S4C

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