Stay safe online, here's how:

Don't share personal information such as your full name, where you live or go to school, or accept messages or friend requests from people you don't know. It's better to use only your first name. Only share your mobile number with people you know in real life.

If someone asks you to do something that you aren't comfortable with, sends you or asks you to send them pictures, and this worries or upsets you, do tell a trusted adult straight away. Whatever has happened, it is not your fault.

Message boards and chat rooms can be fun but just because someone seems nice online, doesn't mean they are nice in real life.It is easy for people to pretend to be just like you, say they enjoy things you do, and appear to be your friend, but really you don't know them. So, never meet up with someone you've met online, even if you think you know them and they seem nice. If you are determined to meet them, you should always tell a trusted adult and ask them to go with you.

If someone says horrible things about you online or in a text, that's called bullying. You should tell a trusted adult straight away and don't reply to the comments either, because that's what the bully wants you to do.

If you get a text or email from someone you don't know, it's easy to be curious, but it's probably best if you don't open it and just delete it. This is because it may contain pictures or messages that could be upsetting, or a virus which may affect your phone and stop it working.

Always tell a trusted adult if you feel uncomfortable or worried about anything you see, read or hear online. Some online websites have an 'alert button' or an email address where you can tell them that you're upset about something or someone. Don't be afraid to ask an adult if you need help to reports these things. It's probably a good idea for you to log-off and leave the website too.

Getting in touch/Complaint

If you are uncomfortable with, upset by, or have an issue with any Boom Plant/Boom Kids content you have seen or heard on any platforms, you can contact kidscontent@boomcymru.co.uk, and one of the Production team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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