06:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

06: 00
Rapsgaliwn - Ailgylchu

Rapsgaliwn - the world?s greatest rapper (in gold he?s so dapper!) will be visiting a recycling plant in this episode to discover where our rubbish goes! He will rap about his findings as usual at the end of the episode.

  • English subtitles
06: 15
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - Goriadau ar Goll

Blero is having breakfast and sees little objects on the fridge. Why don't they fall off? He goes to Ocido to find out!

  • English subtitles
06: 25

Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • English subtitles
06: 35
Bobi Jac - A'r Afalau Sboncllyd

Bobi Jac goes on an orchard adventure and enjoys bouncing.

  • English subtitles
06: 50
Igam Ogam - Glaw, Glaw, Glaw

Igam Ogam's games are spoiled by a persistent little rain-cloud.

  • English subtitles
07: 00
Y Teulu Mawr - Lluniau Morus

Morus the photographer attempts to win a family outing to an aqua park, but must the pictures be perfect?

  • English subtitles
07: 15
Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - S - Sbageti i Swper

Cyw and Jangl are camping in the jungle but are starving! They have lost their recipe book so they have no idea how to cook with the ingredients they have. Jen and Jim are keen to help. They both like to cook and can't wait to start!

  • English subtitles
07: 30
Olobobs - Pethau

Diggy Piggy helps Deeno to find a home for all the 'stuff' he has filling up his den.

07: 35
Patrol Pawennau - Cwn yn y Syrcas!

When the animals don't show up in time for the circus to start, Gwil and the Paw Patrol step in to help.

07: 50
Sam Tan - Ffrwgwd a ffrae

There's squabbling, and there's also some rowing! Who will need the help of Fireman Sam in Pontypandy today I wonder...?

08:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for our younger viewers.

08: 00
Da 'Di Dona - Yn y ffatri siocled gyda Karen

Come and join Dona Direidi as she tries her hand at all sorts of different jobs. Today she's going to work in a chocolate factory with Karen.

  • English subtitles
08: 10
Mwnci'n Dweud Mwnci'n Gwneud - Hwyaden

Today, Monkey and the children learn how Duck quacks and shakes her tail. They'll also learn to waddle like Duck!

  • English subtitles
08: 20
Ahoi! - Ysgol Dyffryn y Glowyr

Pirates from Ysgol Dyffryn y Glowyr join Ben Dant and Cadi to challenge the smelly Capten Cnec.

08: 35
Falmai'r Fuwch - Yr Anifail Cryfaf yn y Goedwig

Story time with Falmai the Cow.

  • English subtitles
08: 45
Twt - Gwersylla

Today is a first for Toot, a camping trip with his friends Caleb, Bethan and Neela, but unfamiliar noises keep him awake. Will he ever get to sleep?

  • English subtitles
08: 55
Octonots - a'r Crancod Llygatgoch

The Octonauts help clean up a beach after a storm, but things get complicated when the resident fiddler crabs hijack the Gup-D!

  • English subtitles
09: 05
Tili a'i ffrindiau - Tylwythen Deg y Plu

When Tili loses a wobbly tooth her friends get excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy, except Fflur who doesn't have any teeth. Poor Fflur feels very sad that she has no teeth so her friends try to make her some. Will another Tooth Fairy visit Fflur and bring a smile to her face?

  • English subtitles
09: 20
Cled - Disgo

Fun for pre school children with Cled and friends as they discover the wonderful world around them.

  • English subtitles
09: 30
Straeon Ty Pen - Eddie

On the highest branch of the tallest tree in the most beautiful forest lives Eddie the crow. Caryl Parry Jones tells the tale of Eddie as he tries to join the prestigious morning chorus of the forest. But will his croaking be more useful for other things?

  • English subtitles
09: 45
Cei Bach - Trip Pysgota Huwi Stomp

Betsan Brysur is ill, so Huwi is persuaded to go out in Captain Cled's new boat in order to catch some fresh fish for her supper. What could possibly go wrong?

  • English subtitles

10:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

10: 00
Rapsgaliwn - Hufen Ia

Rapsgaliwn - 'the world's greatest rapper, in gold he's so dapper!' - will be visiting an ice-cream shop in this episode to discover how ice-cream is made! He will rap about his findings at the end of the episode.

  • English subtitles
10: 15
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - O Dan y Dwr

Blero sets out to discover how his goldfish friend can stay underwater for so long.

  • English subtitles
10: 25

Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • English subtitles
10: 35
Bobi Jac - Ben i Waered

Bobi Jac is on a tropical adventure and plays the upside down game.

  • English subtitles
10: 50
Igam Ogam - Rhy Boeth

Igam Ogam and Roly search for some shade during a heatwave.

  • English subtitles
11: 00
Y Teulu Mawr - Twt Fel y Twtiaid

Fed up of the general untidiness and chaos in the family home, Mr Mawr sets about spring cleaning and achieving the order and neatness always seen in the Twt household next door.

  • English subtitles
11: 15
Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Rh - Rhedeg a Rhwyfo

A rope, net, shovel and a paddle have reached the Pob Dim Shop and Jen is going to use them for sports day on the beach. Cyw and friends are excited but who will win each competition?

  • English subtitles
11: 30
Olobobs - Potyn Pwca

Trying to return a mysterious pot to its owner the Olobobs climb a rainbow and draw in the sky with magic paint!

11: 35
Patrol Pawennau - Cwn yn rhoi goleuni

Everyone is planning a surprise birthday party for Cwrsyn, but a major wind storm breaks one of the power windmills leaving the bay in a blackout.

11: 50
Sam Tan - Y Cadno Coll

Lisi and Hana rescue a foxcub. Norman tells Hana that the fox cub is exactly like a dog, so she lets him out of the cage. Chaos follows and Fireman Sam is a very busy man!


12:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
12: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

12:05 Haf Ganol Gaeaf

Haf Ganol Gaeaf

The remarkable journey of four intrepid Welsh travellers to the islands of South Georgia. Iolo Williams and Lynfa Jenkins are attracted by the abundant wildlife, while Caradoc Jones and Alun Hughes attempt to reach the summit of the islands' highest peaks - The Three Brothers.

  • English subtitles
  • /
  • /
  • Signed

12:30 Yr Ynys

Yr Ynys - Ciwba

In a programme from 2011, Cerys Matthews travels to Cuba. She meets people living the socialist reality on the world's only communist island. Today the island welcomes overseas visitors. Capitalism, which has been a dirty world there for decades, is starting to raise its head. Instead of being a prisoner to the past, is Cuba about to change forever, and at a race of knots?

  • English and Welsh subtitles

13:30 Sion a Sian

Sion a Sian

This week's Sion a Sian sees two newly-wed couples competing against each other. Carys and Iwan Jones from Newtown who got married on New Year's Eve and Gethin and Sian Williams from Dre-fach Felindre who tied the knot last October. The big question is - how well do these couples know each other?

  • English subtitles

14:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
14: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

14:05 Prynhawn Da

Prynhawn Da

Today, Dr Ann shares her medical advice and we'll hear about the events taking place to mark Diwrnod Waldo.

  • English subtitles

15:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
15: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

15:05 Glowyr

Glowyr - Mynd Yn Grwt I'r Gwaith

Alex Hopwood started work when he was fourteen years old in the North Wales coalfield - Hafod in Wrexham. He said that this was the best time - when he was young and able to learn. But the experience of going to work at the mines didn't please everyone...

  • English subtitles

15:30 Mwynhau'r Pethe

Mwynhau'r Pethe - Y Blue Print O Ddwylo Duw

Many people have memories of the strange events of the Revival during 1904-1905. But rare are the ones with personal memories of the young, charismatic gentleman who had been the focus of the evangelical excitement - Evan Roberts. The relationship between Richie Jones and the reformer from Loughor was affectionate and friendly, and in this programme Richie remembers the preacher and the astounding effects of his sermons.


16:00 Awr Fawr

Awr Fawr

Programmes for younger viewers.

16: 00
Olobobs - Taith Ofod

When a spaceship lands in the forest no one can talk to the visitor, until laughter is found to be a universal language.

16: 05
Sam Tan - Trafferth mewn bws

Mrs. Chen is taking the children to the ruins for a school trip, but is impatient and demanding. Trefor is worried about the brakes on the bus, but Mrs Chen insists on going. She loses control of the bus, but Fireman Sam and his trusty sidekick Elvis save the day once again.

16: 20
Bobi Jac - Yn Troelli yn y Gofod

Bobi Jac and the astronaut hamsters go into space.

  • English subtitles
16: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Aled yn helpu achub

Aled wants to help the Paw Patrol on a real mission and tags along when they go to rescue Martha who is stuck on top of Farmer Bini's silo.

16: 45

Let's meet some brand new characters like Anni and Ben Dod, Dai Disgo, Od and Li, Mamgu Fach and many more in a comedy series for pre-schoolers. Cacmwnci is full of funny, silly sketches and a few cheeky monkeys.

  • English subtitles

17:00 Stwnsh


Tune in to see old favourites and new series for youngsters all over Wales.

17: 00

Daily news and sport for youngsters.

  • English subtitles
17: 05
Y Doniolis - Mici Afal

In this new, fun, children's series we'll follow the adventures of the mischievous Donioli brothers, Luigi and Louie and their young niece, Liwsi. In this programme, Mici Afal brings his talent contest to Cwm Doniol and the Doniolis are determined to win the prize for best act.

17: 10
Kung Fu Panda - Dial y Rheino

Po befriends a bitter rhino, Hundun, and helps him get back on his feet following a term at Chor-Gom Prison. Unfortunately, Po later learns that Hundun's mission is to destroy the Dragon Warrior and all who stand in his way to achieve his goal.

17: 30
Chwarter Call

Join Tudur, Mari, Hanna and Jack for comedy sketches, silly characters and plenty of laughter!

17: 45
Rygbi Pawb - Y Cymoedd v Coleg Pen-y-bont

The best of the Welsh Schools and Colleges League, with Coleg y Cymoedd going up against Bridgend College.

18:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
18: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

18:05 Codi Pac

Codi Pac - Casnewydd

Join Geraint Hardy as he journeys around Wales. This time, he's in Newport to see what the city has to offer and to look at places to stay, where to eat and what to visit.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

18:30 Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

It's the day of the open day at the boat yard and the family are both excited and anxious - everyone apart from Iestyn who would give his right arm to be elsewhere! Erin realises, whilst out for a driving lesson with her father and Sian, that arguing behind the wheel is not a good idea. One of the prizes at the open day is a ride on a jetski and Robbie is determined to win. But unfortunately for Philip and Lowri, Robbie receives a surprise of a very different kind.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

19:00 Heno


Tonight, we hear about two sisters who cycled from London to Paris to raise money in memory of their father. Plus, the Welsh Whisperer visits pub of the week.

  • English subtitles

19:30 Pobol y Cwm

Pobol y Cwm

Eifion's had enough of people gossiping about him and he threatens to leave the village. Will Ricky manage to save the day at the cafe pop-up evening?

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

20:00 Trysorau'r Teulu

Trysorau'r Teulu

Most people own an interesting 'antique' in their home or attic - some have sentimental value only, others may well turn out to own a priceless treasure and some may be worth nothing at all! Experts John Rees and Yvonne Holder are on a mission to look for the family treasures of Wales but will the owners hang on to them or decide to sell? This time we delve into the attic of Angharad Lloyd from Carmarthen.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

21:00 Newyddion 9

Newyddion 9

S4C news and weather at 9.00pm.

  • English subtitles
21: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

21:30 Treiathlon Cymru 2018

Treiathlon Cymru 2018 - Treiathlon Mon

The last round of the Welsh Triathlon Series takes place on Anglesey, with a thousand athletes gathering for a weekend of races. The championship event features a spectacular sea swim and a demanding run in the forests and sand dunes of Newborough. The event draws athletes from around the UK for the beauty and the challenge of its course.

  • English subtitles

22:00 Hansh


Tunes, comedy and fresh faces. A taste of online content @hanshs4c.

  • English subtitles
22: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

22:30 Y Ras

Y Ras

A new sports quiz searching for Wales' most knowledgeable sports fan. With four initial rounds, two semi-finals and then the final. How will the second round's contestants fare? Gareth Roberts presents.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

23:00 Ar Werth

Ar Werth

At the start of the second series, we'll see how an old mansion on the banks of the Menai Straits has been developed into luxury flats. We follow one young girl's experience as a first-time buyer and a retired couple from Aberystwyth who have big plans for their new home. We meet a lady from Flint who realises that a close-knit community is what makes somewhere feel like home and take a peek at a home in Criccieth on sale for close to a million pounds.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
23: 33
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

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