06:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

06: 00
Asra - Ysgol Bod Alaw, Bae Colwyn

Children from Ysgol Bod Alaw, Colwyn Bay visit Asra this week.

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06: 15
Meripwsan - Llinyn

Eryn's tree has shed all its leaves. Meripwsan comes up with an idea to make the tree pretty again.

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06: 20
Octonots - Yr Octonots a'r Morfil Unig

While diving in the ocean, the Octonauts find a humpback whale with a strange voice. They try to help him change his voice so that he can join the other humpback whales on their way to the feeding grounds.

06: 30
Guto Gwningen - Hanes y Gwely a Falwyd

When Guto breaks the bed his father made for him, he finds that fixing it leads to an unexpected adventure

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06: 45
Y Dywysoges Fach - Dwi isio chwarae pel-droed

The Little Princess learns why she shouldn't play football indoors.

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06: 55
Cymylaubychain - Dim Lle yn y Nen

It's the night before the night of the special star and everyone is very excited.

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07: 10
Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - H - Het, Hances a Hosan

Today, Jen and Jim are going on a trip to the North Pole to look for Jangl's hat, handkerchief and a missing sock. They are both looking forward to spending time in the snow!

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07: 25
Mwnci'n Dweud Mwnci'n Gwneud - Pengwyn

Monkey has fun with Penguin in the snow.

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07: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Gwaith Gaeafol

It's a snowy day in Porth yr Haul! However, up in Jec's Mountain, Aled is trying to snowboard but gets himself (and Jec) into danger! Can the PAW Patrol help?

07: 45
Sam Tan - Santa'n Hedfan

Norman goes overboard with his Christmas decorations, and convinces him mum to place an inflatable Santa Clause on the roof. But Santa is blown away and lands in the bay!

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08:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for our younger viewers.

08: 00
Halibalw - Nadolig

Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

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08: 10
Ynys Broc Mor Lili - Dafad Eira

A stray sheep leads Lili and Morgi Moc deep into a snow storm.

08: 20
Ben Dant - Ysgol Llandwrog

Join the pirate Ben Dant and a team from Ysgol Llandwrog on their adventure to find four golden keys and a chest full of treasure.

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08: 35
Yn yr Ardd - Y Miwsical

Gwilym and the friends in the garden look back at some of their favourite songs.

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08: 45
Abadas - Cyfrifiannell

Abadoobedee! We're adding with the Abadas! What does today's word do, and where can it be found?

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09: 00
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - Plu Eira

It is sunny but Blero wants to chill out in the snow so he is lucky when the snowflakes come out to play!

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09: 10
Sara a Cwac - Casglu Petalau Lliwgar

Sara a Cwac are looking forward to Christmas Day and get to work decorating their tree.

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09: 20
Bobi Jac - Yn Ddoniol

Bobi Jac and Pengw Gwyn go on a snowy adventure and enjoy being funny.

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09: 30
Da 'Di Dona - Beicio gyda Robyn

Dona goes to work as a cycling instructor with Robyn.

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09: 40

Today we'll be following the lambing season and finding out how little fish called Garra Rufa can help keep our feet clean!

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10:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

10: 00
Asra - Ysgol Bontnewydd, Caernarfon

Children from Ysgol Bontnewydd, Caernarfon visit Asra this week.

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10: 15
Meripwsan - Bach

Meripwsan is too small to see the top of a sunflower, so he builds some stairs out of flowerpots, with help from Eli and her stilts.

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10: 20
Octonots - Yr Octonots a'r Hipos

Returning home from a mission along an African river, the Octonauts have trouble getting past a gang of large hippos.

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10: 35
Guto Gwningen - Hanes y Gath a'r Llygoden Fawr

When Dili Minllyn and the ducklings are driven from their coop by Sami Wisgars, Guto must enlist the unwitting help of Mr Puw's Cat to get her home back.

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10: 45
Y Dywysoges Fach - Ond fi pia nhw

The Little Princess is getting bigger but unfortunately her clothes aren't.

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11: 00
Cymylaubychain - Eiribabs

It's a cold winter's day and everyone is happy.

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11: 10
Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - E - Yr Enfys Goll

It's a day of coming and going today in Cyw's garden. The eagle has called by with a postcard from Ela the elephant but as the crew read it, the rainbow disappears. Has someone or something taken it?

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11: 25
Mwnci'n Dweud Mwnci'n Gwneud - Wiwer

Monkey is starving and all of a sudden, nuts start to fall on his head. It's his old friend Squirrel!

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11: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Rhewi'n Gorn

The PAW Patrol has to help everybody that has been affected by the ice storm.

11: 45
Sam Tan - Arth Wen Pontypandy

It's been snowing in Pontypandy and the local newspaper is running a competition to find the best photo of Pontypandy in the snow.

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12:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

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12: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

12:05 Gardd Pont y Twr

Gardd Pont y Twr

The garden looks more like a building site and the strain shows as the machinery moves up a gear. The endless work and long hours begin to take their toll on Sioned and Iwan, and the trampoline proves to be their nemesis. At least Iwan has a new shed to hide in!

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12:30 Bugeiliaid Olaf Ewrop

Bugeiliaid Olaf Ewrop

Across Europe, for thousands of years, shepherds have driven their flocks on foot, up into the mountain pastures from their winter homes, to graze all summer long. This ancient tradition of transhumance is dying out but we follow some of its last practitioners, in France, Romania, Spain and Austria. Not to mention Enlli and the Carneddau, here in Wales. We share some of the perils of these epic treks as the European shepherds struggle to defend their flocks against wolves, snakes and birds of pr

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13:30 Caru Casglu

Caru Casglu

Ifan Jones Evans meets people from around Wales who collect all kinds of things. This week we feature old agricultural equipment, post boxes and car badges.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

14:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

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14: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

14:05 Prynhawn Da

Prynhawn Da

Today, Huw Fash is in the style corner, and another special person will receive the Halen y Ddaear award.

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15:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
15: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

15:05 Dudley yn Ewscadi

Dudley yn Ewscadi

Chef Dudley Newbery travels to the Basque Country to sample the local food and culture. Dudley joins Arthur Dafis from Llandre, near Aberystwyth, and his San Sebastian born wife, Carolina Sagarmendi on a trip to northern Spain, where they sample the fresh seafood, high quality meats and the welcoming atmosphere. Dudley also learns about the passion for food in the rural areas of the Basque Country, where the local people are proud of their language and unique traditions.

  • English and Welsh subtitles


16:00 Awr Fawr

Awr Fawr

Programmes for younger viewers.

16: 00
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - Pwl o'r Fflachglwy'!

The monster and his friends visit Wadin the Cloud's family and things heat up in a flash when Wadin's brother Nimbwl gets the 'lightnings'

  • English subtitles
16: 10
Sam Tan - Rhew Peryglus

Moose opens his Winter wonderland on Pontypandy Mountain. But disaster strikes when Sara, Jams and Norman go ice skating.

16: 20
Sblij a Sbloj

During today's programme, Sblij and Sbloj go on a bus journey - and somehow manage to lose the letter 'f'!

16: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Bow Wow Bwgi

A train car derails and damages the tracks, and another train is scheduled to arrive later with important packages in it, including the all new Pup Pup Boogie 2 dance game! The PAW Patrol must try to fix the tracks before the scheduled train arrives!

16: 45

A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

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17:00 Stwnsh


Tune in to see old favourites and new series for youngsters all over Wales.

17: 00

Newyddion a chwaraeon dyddiol i bobl ifanc.

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17: 05
Lois yn erbyn Anni - Helfa Drysor

Lois and Anni will be going on a treasure hunt against the clock to find all sorts of things.

17: 10

Comedy drama series. The gang are busy baking cakes for the Christmas Fair, but somebody is determined to ruin Jac, Cali and Zai?s cakes. Will Ted manage to help them out?

17: 35
Boom! - Nadolig

In this festive episode, Santa will get a shock, we'll see if a Christmas dinner is as tasty after being in a blender and we'll have a cracker of an explosion to end the year in style!

17: 45
Rygbi Pawb - Coleg Sir Gar v Coleg Gwent

Highlights of rugby matches in the Welsh Schools and Colleges League.

18:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
18: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

18:05 04 Wal

04 Wal - Siediau

Today we look at five of the best sheds in Wales. From Meirion Jones' large shed near Llandysul, to the tin shed of Magi Griffith in Pwllheli. We also take a look at the studios of artists Aneurin Jones and Luned Parri. Finally we go travel to Afallon with David Merdith.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

18:30 Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

Mia isn't in a fun mood when Kelvin take her to see Santa Claus and things suddenly get worse when she falls ill. When Mags arrives home still wearing clothes from the night before, there's no need for a detective to guess where she's been. Wyn isn't pleased. John is keen to buy a relationship for Sian, but unfortunately the ring doesn't fit her and Rhys has to help him.

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19:00 Heno


Tonight, we're live form Withybush Hospital as they hold a Carol service for their patients. Also, Gaz Evans will be preparing cocktails for us to enjoy over the festive period.

  • English subtitles

19:30 Pobol y Cwm

Pobol y Cwm

Kelly tells Anita that she never wants to be with anyone else except Ed. Eileen is starting to enjoy Angela's company.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
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  • Audio described

20:00 Noson Lawen

Noson Lawen - Dolig

The first night of entertainment in this new series comes from Garth Olwg near Pontypridd, in the company of some of Wales' leading artists and led by John Hardy. Celebrating Christmas altogether will be Trystan Llyr Griffiths, Cor CF1 choir, Mei Gwynedd, Glain Rhys, Hywel Pitts, Ffion Emyr, Aelwyd Bro Taf, DB Big Band and Clare Hingott.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

21:00 Newyddion 9

Newyddion 9

S4C news and weather at 9.00pm.

  • English subtitles
21: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

21:30 Carolau Llandudno 2018

Carolau Llandudno 2018

A broadcast of a popular S4C Christmas event which is organised in conjunction with the Daily Post and takes place this year at the Venue Cymru Theatre, Llandudno on Sunday December 16th - the event has been successful in raising thousands of pounds for house children's homes Ty Gobaith and Hope House. It's an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with entertainment and carols, and to showcase talented performers from Wales who have starred in a wide range of competitions and events this year.

  • English subtitles
22: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

22:30 Hansh


Tunes, comedy and fresh faces. A taste of online content @hanshs4c.

  • English subtitles

23:00 Stiwdio Gefn

Stiwdio Gefn

On this week's programme, Swansea rockers, Yr Angen; two new songs by the Colorama and Plu collaboration and the evergreen Emyr Huws Jones.

  • English subtitles
23: 33
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

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