S4C hosts a wide range of entertainment programmes – from new fact ent formats (Y Salon / Priodas Pum Mil) to old, studio favourites (Jonathan / Noson Lawen), from comedies ('Run Sbit / Darren Drws Nesa / Stand Yp) to quizzes (Cythrel Canu / Celwydd Noeth).

Entertainment is a popular and hugely competitive genre so pitching unique ideas that promise to resonate and connect with our viewers is vital.

Entertainment / Factual Entertainment:

This is where you'll find series such as Priodas Pum Mil, Y Salon, Hen Blant Bach and Wil ac Aeron. Although different in content and style, these series are all returnable formats have the potential to become viewers' favourites. A common thread is their creative ambition of taking the audience on an emotional journey that will engage, entertain and make them smile. The best entertainment ideas should also feel important and be able to capture something of the spirit of how we live in Wales today.

What are we looking for?

Our priority is finding successful, returnable formats - great shows that offer our audience shared viewing experiences. Hour-long formats in pre-watershed (8-9pm) slots, must have broad appeal and be suitable for family viewing. We are looking for ambitious, returnable series that feel original, sometimes brave and pose serious competition to other channels' outputs. Ideas must have purpose, passion and above all, the entertainment factor.

Post watershed, there are opportunities to pitch riskier, more mischevious ideas. In these post 9pm plots, big talent and big characters matter (Jonathan / Wil ac Aeron / Maggi Noggi etc.) and we are always on the look-out for new faces and personalities. Sincerity and authenticity are key. When pitching talent, think carefully whether the talent is a good match for the idea. We are especially looking ideas that cast strong, confident and witty women as main characters.

When you pitch, remember:

  • we welcome 'taster' videos- especially if the idea is characters driven
  • a simple, succint, noisy idea always gets our attention
  • it's important to know: what's the story? Why should we tell it now? Why on S4C?
  • brilliant talent – in front of and behind the camera – makes all the difference


Whether it's sitcom or satire, stand up or witty fact ent, making the audience laugh matters to us. Comedy is a hugely competitive genre on S4C and it takes a long time to develop the best, most succeaful formats.

Peak / family hours comedy:

This where you'll find sitcoms like Darren Drws Nesa' and entertainment series such as Y Salon. During peak hours the content must appeal to a broad family audience. Remember that situational comedy takes time to get right and diversity of ideas and talent really matters. Whatever you pitch should feel warm and engaging, with high production values. Most importantly of course, it should make us laugh!

Comedy after 9pm:

Here lie 'Run Sbit, Stand Yp series' with artists such as Elis James and satire programmes like O'r Diwedd. Key talent is often the main driver and the post water-shed slot offers an opportunity to be riskier, bolder, to push the boundaries and surprise the viewers.

Ideas should feel brave and original and owned by the talent. Identifying and naming the key talent in a proposal (writers, contributors etc.) always gives you the edge. As well as celebrating our biggest established talents on and off the screen, we are also eager to find the next generation of comedy writers and performers and happy to discuss ways of developing this on digital platforms such as Hansh.


From original commissions such as Cantata Memoria in Memory of Aberfan to musical tours such as in Bryn Terfel ar Daith, from young artists in Gig y Pafiliwn and Y Gig Fawr to local talent on Noson Lawen - music is a cornerstone of S4C's schedule and provides a platform to celebrate all kinds of sound and artists. Most often, our music content is scheduled for Saturday evenings as an alternative to what other channels are offering.

S4C is also proud of its original music competitions such as Cân i Gymru, Côr Cymru and Band Cymru. We also broadcast hours of live music from the Cerdd Dant, Urdd and National Eisteddfod every year.

In light of all the music we have on offer we're looking for different ideas that can cover new ground or engage the best talents to celebrate an important 'occasion'. We are also interested in ideas that are editorially bold and have a specific 'why now' reason for commissioning, for example, musical documentaries that follow a story/artist through a particular experience, event or special anniversary

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