Online Content

Online content is central to S4C's content strategy and we are looking for opportunities to use a wide range of platforms to reach new audiences. We commission online first content, targeting specific audiences in ways that we cannot on screen, engaging the audience and ensuring that we are constantly innovating and developing.As well as this, we aim to provide online and digital support content for S4C's programmes and brands so that we can enrich and deepen the viewers' experience. This will enable us to create the conversation and develop a closer relationship with our viewers.


Through our Hansh brand we aim to reach viewers between 16-34 years old with social first content.

The genre mix is broad but we are particularly keen for the following:

  • Relevant comedy which is sharp and shareable;
  • Strong, visual factual stories, with a big heart, about subjects that matter to the target audience. The stories will unfold in the moment, on location, and show people engaging with each other;
  • Content which works with unique and passionate personalities, who can engage an audience with their subject through social;
  • Content which informs with wit and curiosity, bringing subjects such as books, history, language, science or poetry to life in ways which are native to social.

Diversity of voices and representation of the experiences of young people is of vital importance to Hansh and we want to give a voice in front and behind the camera to BAME, LGBT and disabled contributors.

Any content must be able to provoke a strong reaction, be that tears, wonder, laughs or striking a nerve by saying something important about their Wales, and their lives.We will hold two commissioning rounds a year.


Over the commissioning year we will broadcast live streaming of sports that may not be mainstream for television, all the while experimenting with new and innovative digital production techniques. In 2017, we live streamed a multi-camera production of Cardiff Triathlon, which was produced with a mobile data OB rather than a satellite OB.

Original social content for programmesWe continue to support linear programmes with original online content, or by covering editing costs for re-packaging when appropriate.

These will not be marketing campaigns for programmes, but social content that can stand on its own two feet, and which can extend brand reach.


Games continue to be important for S4C, especially for children The Byd Cyw play app launched in 2017 and presents the opportunity of adding new games over the next few years.

We are also investing in our games on the Cyw and Stwnsh websites and to ensure that Cyw's educational games continue to develop in 2018/19 and for the coming years.


Research and development is essential when trialling new means of content production and distribution. We are committed to threading this attitude through all our online content and will always look for ways to push into new areas as technologies develop. However, we will also be looking to specifically commission some cutting-edge projects that push S4C into new territory, and gauge the relevance of a given technology in the future.

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