What we do?

Wales is a country that's passionate about sport. Sporting successes unite us as nation and S4C's aim is to be there for those moments, following the individual athletes, clubs or the national team. We work with a range of Wales-based independent sports production companies and specialist outside broadcast suppliers. BBC Wales produce a percentage of our sports output.

What do we want?

Live sport is a priority on S4C.

Our sports content is largely determined by the broadcast rights we hold. Our aim is to secure the rights to show live, international and domestic sporting events involving Welsh athletes or Welsh teams and to cover sports events taking place in Wales.

In addition to live content, we show highlights of selected events and commission sports-themed documentaries and topical sports stories. This content needs to be of the highest standard with strong stories, effectively told, which create conversation, tug on the heartstrings and fire the imagination.


In addition to our regular top-class presenters, commentators and analysts, S4C is looking to develop new talent behind and in front of the camera. We work closely with the independent sector, the BBC and sports governing bodies to find new talent. Series such as Rygbi Pawb offer opportunities to develop this talent.


We are looking to reflect the sports making the headlines in Wales and expand into new areas including women's sport and para sport. We want to diversify our sports portfolio reflecting the growing popularity of new sports as well as the more established favourites.

Our digital sports provision is expanding and we are offering more live content exclusively on-line, which opens opportunities for a more varied portfolio.

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