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S4C and our Viewers

We believe strongly in the need for an open, close and accountable relationship with our viewers.

To do so, it is important that we understand what the audience's expectations are when preparing a schedule and content.

We hold regular events in different parts of Wales for the public to meet with staff and board members S4C. These meetings are great opportunities for us to hear the view of the public about our programmes.

  • Dysgu Cymraeg

    Whether you're taking your first steps in learning Welsh, looking to improve your knowledge of the language, or just curious, we're delighted to have you join us on the only Welsh-language television channel in the world.

  • Access Services

    Information about S4C's access services and how to get them.

  • Support

    S4C programmes often deal with sensitive subject matters.

  • Contact S4C

    There are many ways in which you can contact S4C.

  • Programme Policy Statement

    Each year S4C publishes its plans for the programme service in the form of a Programme Policy Statement that is available on the Board's site. This includes S4C's corporate targets.

  • Viewers Evenings

    Members of the S4C Board hold public viewers' evenings on a regular basis throughout the year in different parts of Wales.

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