​"Mr Nice Guy?" – Guto Harri's interview with Boris ahead of the General Election

10 December 2019

In a one-off interview for S4C's Y Byd yn ei Le, Tuesday 10 December at 9.30 Guto Harri gets personal with Boris Johnson asking "What happened to Mr Nice Guy? Are you still that person who got elected as the Mayor of London?"

Guto Harri worked as Head of Communications between 2008-2012 for Boris Johnson during his time as London Mayor.

Being Guto's first interview with Boris since their infamous feud and since Boris was elected Prime Minister, Guto is back reporting for the Welsh broadcaster where his career started.

As the interview progressed Guto continued his personal approach and questioned Boris Johnson on trust, honesty and engaging with the public.

"People don't trust you - that must hurt? Why don't they believe you?"

"People will attack me for all sorts of reasons" says Boris.

In the interview, held in Bangor on Dee, Guto Harri also gets to grips with Alun Cairns' situation as Secretary of State.

"Will you be giving Alun Cairns his job back?" asks Guto

"Alun is standing at the election and I'm sure he'll do a great job," says Boris.

Boris also tried to impress with his Welsh lingo:

"What we're doing is campaigning as a united party. If you've got a deal ready to go, pop it in the popty ping and it's done!"

During the interview Guto also questions Boris' lack of belief in the European Union, claiming that he and David Cameron thought that Boris was a supporter of the EU.

"Guto I know that you're a passionate believer in the EU, and you know perfectly well that I've been Euro sceptic for three decades at least and when you look at the way that the EU was going it wasn't right for us to stay in it the way it was evolving into a centralised federal super state, and we had to come out.

"Now that we're coming out, we can do fantastic things," says Boris.

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