Fflam, the sizzling new drama that plays with fire

28 January 2021

After a long period of being unable to show original drama, the coming months will see a flurry of fresh and compelling series on S4C.

First to air on Wednesday 10 February, is Fflam, a contemporary story of passion and grief that raises the question of whether rekindling an old flame will result in fingers being burnt?

Aberystwyth born actress Gwyneth Keyworth (Hidden / Craith, Black Mirror, The Crown, Game of Thrones) plays the lead character, Noni.

Life is full of hope for her and boyfriend Deniz (Memet Ali Alabora) as they repair their small farm.

Her best friend, Malan (Mali Ann Rees) and her wife Ekin (Pinar Ogun) - Deniz's sister, are also looking forward to the future as Deniz agrees to help realise their dream of having a child by being their donor.

Although life seems sweet, everything is under threat when Beds (Richard Harrington) comes into Noni's life, resurrecting the ghost of her husband Tim, who died in a horrific fire.

"I enjoyed playing Noni because she is such a complex character. Although she tries to do the right thing, the grief of the past still affects her behaviour and relationships in the here and now" says Gwyneth.

"Even though her biggest problem is herself, you almost understand why she does things she shouldn't.

"Almost everyone can identify with how loss can make you act differently.

"Yes, she is brave, stubborn and does what she wants, but people still take advantage. She's not completely innocent either."

As well as a stellar cast, Flame offers a new way of watching.

As soon as the first episode airs, all six half hour episodes will be available as a box set on S4C Clic.

"At a time when the real world is quite scary, I think Fflam will be a chance to enter Noni's bizarre little world and escape reality for half an hour.

"I love a binge watch, especially during lock-down, so that's how I'll choose to watch.

"But then people like my Mum and Dad enjoy sitting down to watch at a certain time every week.

"Certainly, Noni would tell you to just do what you want - that's what she always does!".

Fflam is an adaptation of an original story by Gwenno Hughes.

Gwenno also worked alongside Pip Broughton and Catrin Evans to script the drama.

Produced by Vox pictures, the series was filmed in and around Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Whichever way you decide to watch, this fiery drama is sure to capture your imagination.

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