S4C’s Local TV Scheme extends across Wales

21 June 2021

A scheme that gives communities the opportunity to produce and publish their local stories is taking an exciting step forward today with the launch of two new networks.

Shwmae Sir Gâr and Clwyd Tifi are part of the S4C Lleol (S4C Local) pilot which enables producers to create weekly content about their areas for digital platforms and social media accounts.

The aim of the pilot will be to develop new talent and ensure that people from all over Wales are seen and heard on S4C networks.

In Carmarthenshire Carlam TV Production Company has formed a partnership with Canolfan S4C Yr Egin to develop new talents and and create opportunities to launch a platform that will serve the whole of the county.

"One of the aims of establishing Canolfan S4C Yr Egin was to raise the status of the Welsh language and to create linguistic, cultural, economic and social benefits in Carmarthen and the south west.

"Shwmae Sir Gâr is an opportunity to make this happen in a contemporary and creative way, developing the relationship that Yr Egin has had with the people of the county since opening three years ago.

"I'm extremely excited to be working with Euros Llyr, Carlam, and to bring opportunities to Trinity Saint David's and Coleg Sir Gâr students as the project develops new voices and reaches out to new communities within Carmarthenshire." Says Carys Ifan, Director of Yr Egin

Clwyd TiFi is a partnership with Nerth Dy Ben, a company established to reflect the strength of the North East Wales community, culture and activity.

"Producer and Director Alaw Llwyd Owen from Denbigh leads a team of contributors and volunteers in the former Clwyd area which includes Denbighshire, Mold and parts of Conwy.

"It's such an exciting time for the creative community in the Clwyd area - there are a bunch of us who have rediscovered our home ground over the last few months and we're really looking forward to creating stories, and to develop a unique voice and colour to reflect the nature of our community. " says Alaw Llwyd Owen.

The S4C Lleol (S4C Local) scheme was launched in February in partnership with TeliMôn pilot in Anglesey.

Since its launch TeliMôn has published tens of entertaining stories giving local talent the opportunity to create and develop skills in the creative industries.

"Our aim with S4C Local is to pilot new ways of working with partners and to put viewers at the heart of our services." said Owen Evans, S4C's Chief Executive.

"We hope that this pilot as part of our digital strategy will create closer links with our audience, promoting the use of Welsh within communities.

"As a public broadcaster we have an important role to play serving local communities and local areas.

"We aim to build on local initiatives, develop skills and encourage new producers into the industry. I am delighted to see the scheme expanding into the Carmarthenshire and Clwyd. "

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