​New presenter joins the S4C Weather team

24 June 2021

A new presenter will join the S4C Weather team over the next few months.

Llŷr Griffiths-Davies will join for a period to present weather bulletins on S4C while Megan Williams is away on maternity leave.

Llŷr, who is originally from Rhydlewis, Ceredigion, but who now lives in Cardiff, is a familiar voice to many, having presented weather and traffic bulletins on BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales since 2013.

Llŷr also has previous experience of working on television, having presented weather bulletins on the BBC Wales Today news programme in the past.

Llŷr said: "It's such a privilege to broadcast in the Welsh language to a live television audience.

"A lot has changed since I last presented the weather on the television, including moving to the new Central Square building, and it's very exciting to be in the fantastic studio and to use all the state-of-the-art equipment.

"As someone who was raised in an agricultural community, I know how important the weather forecast is to so many people.

"As a weather presenter, you share good news and bad news with everyone.

"There is no good and bad weather any more, because while some would like sunny and warm conditions, other people may prefer rain.

"It's an exciting time to join the team – as more and more people venture out after the lockdowns, and enjoy their holidays closer to home.

"There is definitely a thrill to presenting to a live audience, whether it be on radio or television. It's team work, no doubt, but there is a lot of responsibility on you, to make sure that you do the best job possible."

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