Hansh launches new slate

22 November 2021

S4C's online service Hansh has commissioned new content to further develop the platform.

Hansh was launched in June 2017 to offer exclusive content for young people aged 16 - 34.

Since then the service has evolved from operating solely on Facebook and YouTube to creating content on Instagram and TikTok as well as creating podcasts.

The new slate is part of S4C's strategy to commission longer content for Hansh over the next few years.

The new commissions will begin on November 25 with a new series of Pa fath o Bobl (What kind of people?).

The three-part documentary series with Garmon ab Ion will challenge the stereotypes, beliefs and traditions of Wales.

From the luxury resorts of the Llyn Peninsula to the octagon of an MMA fighter, from glam models to the theatre; Garmon will ask 'What Kind of People' are concerned about the hot topics of Wales.

What exactly is happening to the housing market on the Llŷn Peninsula? Is there a future for Wales in the UK? And are a million Welsh speakers by 2050 realistic?

Hansh's favourite anthropologist will try to make head and tail of what's going on in Wales.

Another new commission will be the GRID current affairs series looking at timely topics.

The first few episodes will ask whether the beauty industry is racist - as a young fashion student considers how inclusive the beauty industry is and how under-representation and racism has affected black women in the industry in Wales.

Another episode will discuss lack of trust in the health service as a trans woman considers why her community has lost faith in the health service after deciding to raise £30,000 for private sex confirmation surgery.


GRID will be available between now and the end of March on Hansh's YouTube.

There will also be a brand new series of LIMBO, a stand-up comedy that follows three young people in their twenties who have to cope with an unfair modern society full of short term work opportunities.

Huw, Seren and Liam live together in a house in Cardiff.

But with three coming from different background, some manage to find their way around the city easier than the rest when experimenting with drugs and sex.

LIMBO will be featured on the Hansh YouTube Channel and on S4C Clic from December 16th.

"Hansh's vision of showcasing new voices is as strong as ever." according to Rhodri ap Dyfrig, S4C's Online Commissioner.

"But it's also important that Hansh reaches out to new communities, with different ideas and interests.

"I am delighted that our new commissions offer a wide range of genres including documentaries, current affairs and comedy that have been integral to Hansh's mission from the outset.

"Our new series are timely, compelling and full of new ideas and I really hope Hansh fans enjoy these new series."

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