Innovative S4C app breaks new ground for Welsh learners


S4C has launched a new and exciting development to help viewers who are learning Welsh, with an exciting update to the S4C Dal Ati app.

For the first time, Welsh learners will be able to access a second screen resource.

Now intermediate and higher level Welsh learners will be able to watch popular Sunday evening series Gwaith Cartref, and understand it a bit better. While watching the programme they will receive alerts with vocabulary in Welsh and English on their tablet or smartphone which will appear a couple of seconds before it’s heard on screen. Learners will be able to expand their Welsh skills, and gain confidence while watching Gwaith Cartref on Sundays at 9:00.

This new app is a groundbreaking development for Welsh learners, which will help teachers in the classroom, as well as learners who can access the app in their own spare time. The app should help boost the learners’ confidence in an entertaining way. You can download this new app from the Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet for free.

The app contains interactive quizzes about Gwaith Cartref, as well as interesting information about the series’ characters and actors. This is the first time S4C have created an app of this kind for adults, although a similar app already exists for children.

The app has other interesting features to accompany the Dal Ati service on S4C. The current service provides two different programmes, at 10:30, Elin Llwyd and Alun Williams present a magazine programme Bore Da. And in the second programme at 11:30, Nia Parry presents Adre, where she snoops around the homes of different Welsh celebrities.

You can receive information about every aspect of the Dal Ati service, as well as additional resources like recipes, language exercises and vocabulary through the app.

Sioned Wyn Roberts, S4C Welsh Learners Commissioner says;

"Since the launch of Dal Ati in September 2014, the digital elements of the service have grown greatly, and now we have launched another major development by offering this new and exciting resource. From Sunday onwards, learners who are looking to gain more confidence in the language will be able to access the second screen resource by watching the popular drama series Gwaith Cartref. Vocabulary and exercises will ping on the small screen during the broadcast. This is a very exciting development and will be an opportunity for a new audience to enjoy the Gwaith Cartref drama by using the latest technology."

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